What Worries You? A thought on Worrying That would Help You

What worries you?  Why do you look so worried? 
Worry does nothing but feast on the elixir of your life. It chips away a bit at a time and soon you'd find that you have nothing left to worry about but the worry itself. It is a vicious cycle. 
Don't give in to the illusion that worry presents you.
It does nothing but blind you to the possibilities,  the power around you. 
You cannot see anything good around you now because you have been blinded by your worry. 

Think about what it is you are thinking about when you worry and ask yourself if it really is worth worrying over. When you are done worrying do you have a solution?  No. But if you use the same energy you use to worry instead to search for solutions to your problems which are always readily available to you, you might have a solution. Or at least a hunch of a solution. 

A lot of healing is necessary. Healing is what you need. If you think a new this or that would help solve your problems,  you are right.  Only you'd be right for just a short time. You might get something new,  travel someplace,  receive more money, fall in love again,  and for a little while you really might believe you are happier than you were. Until time passes and the mask is pulled off.You would come face to face with the same troubles again,  with the same pain,  with the same wounds. 
It's like covering blemishes with makeup. Again and again,  more powder,  more concealer. But you'd have to remove it all and Face your true self in the mirror. 
If you cannot accept what you see of yourself,  you'd be needing more and more to cover up. 
More money. 
A new relationship. 
A new car. 
A new job. 
But still, The main problems persist. The wounds are still breathing,  needing healing. 

Purge yourself of everything. When you have nothing,  it becomes easy to have everything. 
Remove what's eating up the space of your heart. Face the truth of who you are. Go within and ask yourself honestly how to heal yourself. 
You'd find that the answers would come to you,  but you must be in tune to receive them.

When Life wants your attention,  it would stop at nothing until it gets it. Accidents,  sicknesses,  depression,  broken relationships,  loss of money,  financial hardships,  some of these are really only attention triggers to point you to a vital truth. 
We get distracted. 
We lose our way. 
To come home we may have to be jolted back to our senses. Some of us are really hard headed. We need the toughest kind of wake up calls. We may have to hit rock bottom sometimes,  as this is the best place for to make things anew. 
When all your chips are down and got have lost everything,  where do you go?  What do you do? 
God wants to talk to you. But it is so noisy where you have been, he needs you down here in your distress and pain. Here where there is no one left to turn to but God. 

So why Worry? Everything that is Happening now is simply bringing you back home, to yourself, to your truth, to God.

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