It's Okay Not to Know What You Want with Your Life - THE TRUTH ON TUESDAY 13 MARCH 2018

I speak with so many people daily, many of whom have no clue what they want to do in life, haven't  figured out what their Passion is or just not motivated to go in any direction at all. Is that you? Are you still searching?
And while this is a very frustrating place to be, I know cause I have been there too, It also can be the best place for a major turning point moment in your Life.
Not only do you come clear on what you do not want, you also begin to know what you do want because you now know what you don't want.
The major task for you to do at this phase of your Life is to Ensure that your mind and body stay busy. Making matters worse would be you deciding to do nothing at all. There is always something your heart wants to do, the question is 'are you stepping away from the noise so you can Listen?'
Often times we are lost not because we cannot find our way, but because we cannot notice ourselves in the midst of the crowd. We cannot hear ourselves in the noisy world. 
Solitude is a wonderful thing to welcome if you will ever come close to your own truth. Allow yourself time to be alone, stay away from friends, family, people. Turn off the TV, go on an Internet or social media sabbatical. Be with You!
Watch the Truth on Tuesday today on my Instagram and hopefully this stirs something for you.


Its okay not to know what you want with your life
This isn't something to know
It is something to experience
Its a song to dance to
An open field like the sky 
Where you can spread your wings and fly like the birds do
Its okay not to know what you want with your life
But never forget that the canvas is always in your hands 
And no one can paint your Art better than you can
So never be afraid that you dont have what it takes
Cause you never Make mistakes
You only get more chances to Fail
To come face to face with shit that dont work 
Just So you can focus your Sail
Time is easily dissipated and wasted on stupid shit
Like lying in the couch
And worrying about Life
Life isnt worrying about you
Life is feeling okay just waiting for you 
To get on the same page
And really we are hoping you do it swiftly
Cause death can come quickly dressing a place in gloom as it snatches yet another one outta the room
We always think that this shit only happens to the others but what if it happens to you
Its okay not to know what you want with your Life
Whats not okay is for you to keep believing that lie
Cause deep down, Deep deep down
You already know what you want want
You are just not ready to begin Listening to You, the You you


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