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Many people talk about changing their lives, they worry about Money, their Jobs and their Careers and believe that if they were making more money their lives would be different.

But this is often not the case. As more money comes in so does the workload. So many people are trapped in the rat race, chasing after more money, getting it and realizing they do not even have the time to enjoy their wealth.
Yet there are those many still, who do not even have a flow of income and dream of changing their lives, day dreaming of having the finer things of life and wanting so badly to get out of the rut they find themselves.
In both cases, and in all the other cases unmentioned, the same solution proves true.
"As within, so without. As Above, so below".
The Problem is, when we speak of change, we focus so much on the outside appearance of things, that we give little or no thought to the real cause of our misfortunes.
You see, what happens on the physical plane is only the effect of what is happening on the Mental and Spiritual plane. 'As within, so without.'
You may have heard this said over and over - 'As a man thinketh, so is he'
This simple phrase is from Scripture, but has become so popular because of James Allen's book of the same title.
I have read this book over and over and it is Quite a new experience with each read.

Simply put, you cannot become successful if you keep thinking of yourself as a Failure.
You cannot become Rich if you keep thinking of yourself as poor.
What you are inside of you is what is reflected outside of you.

But, you say, how do I think rich when I am actually not Rich right now.
And to that I say, 'Saying you are not Rich, is the underlying reason you remain poor.' Think about it, Thoughts carry with them a vibration, which like a magnet attracts like thoughts unto itself. Every negative though you think attracts to itself corresponding negative thoughts and this goes on and on until your physical reality has no choice but to match your vibration.

We have been programmed to believe in the Physical, to be controlled by what we see external of us.
We have been taught that wealth is physical cash money and if you do not have that then you are not wealthy when in reality we are already Wealthy and all we have to do is align with the wealth that we are.
 We have been made to believe that we need this and that and all the material things of life to be worthy.

The truth is all of these are social programming conditions to keep you little, to keep you from seeing the eternally abundant part of you. We have slowly become blinded to the fact that we are eternally worthy of all good. You are already wealthy. You are already enough.
Until you begin to see yourself that way, and think of yourself that way, you will only keep on falling into the default programming that says you are not.

This is very simple to understand and if you can get this, your life would take a massive shift from right now. Changing Your Life is easy, all you have to do is Change how you Think.

How you Think about Everything!
Because you see, it is not necessarily what happens that matters in the grand scheme of things, it is your Perception and how you respond that matters.
Is it possible that you can keep a happy countenance at all times? Is it possible that you can induce a feeling of gratitude within yourself regardless of what your physical outer appearance is saying?

The idea is to begin to replace your old negative patterns of thinking with new positive lines of thought. The easiest way to do this is to begin to use the Power of the spoken Word. Believe it or not, your spoken word has power, super creating power. "In the Beginning was the Word.."
If you believe in scripture and in ancient tales, it is said that God created the earth with words. And if you and I are made in the image and likeness of God, then surely we have this same ability and power to use words to create our world. The truth in fact is that we do.
The words you speak can begin to influence the thoughts you think. And the thoughts you think are programs for your mind. Think about your Mind as a grand computer and your thoughts as running software programs.
If you plant good thought seeds in the rich soil of your mind, you will reap a good harvest on the physical side of your life.
What Can you begin to do now?
Change your Thoughts by using the power of the spoken word and repeating Powerful affirmations daily. In my new Report '369 POWER THOUGHTS' I have created a comprehensive list of three hundred and sixty nine Powerful affirmations!
You can also write some of your own.
All you have to do is repeat these affirmations daily. Find a combination of affirmations that you can stick to every day for long periods of time, say weekly, and change your list as they begin to register in your mind.
What you are doing is effectively replacing old patterns of thought with new positive thought patterns. Now watch your whole life change as if by magic, cause it will.

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