Can I do it?

Wow! It has been exactly 27 days since the last time I made a Post here. 1 Month!
This is crazy.
For someone like me who always has something to say and always has all of these thoughts just firing like light bolts, it is crazy that i haven't written anything publicly on this blog.

I have been writing in my journals and notepads, tid bits here and there, but not in my blog. To be fair, I have been creating a lot of content on my Youtube through the past couple of weeks and while I have been having fun with that, I miss my writing. 
As a self proclaimed Instagram addict, I have tried to blog on Instagram, but if you use Instagram a lot, then I am sure you know that most people aren't necessarily interested in reading on Instagram, they just want to swipe through the photos and videos. It is really the place for the shortest attention span ever. So no, Instagram does not work for me for blogging.

And still, I have these thoughts that should be kept someplace. And I honestly want to. I want to Write, more and more and more. It is a great way to connect with myself, and even better to connect with you.
I am writing this post now cause I just watched a Seth Godin interview where he speaks about blogging and asks "Why aren't you blogging your thoughts?" This hit me straight in the head and I said to myself, "Blog, Now!" So here I am. Writing.

I want to blog more and more every week. If you follow me on Instagram or are subscribed to my Youtube Channel you know I have been talking about the 200 DAYS OF EVA LIVING LIFE which is the video series on Youtube where I share my life with you for 200 Days! As crazy as that sounds, I have been doing it. Today is Day 7 and thankfully I am not backing down yet.

I am now going to commit myself to Writing even more. So in the course of these 200 Days, while I am making all of these videos I will also be writing my thoughts here on my blog.
NEW BLOG POSTS every Monday - Wednesday - Friday and Saturday.
The reason that this is so important for me is because WRITING is really my thing and I do not want to lose the momentum simply because I am now creating Video content daily.
Honestly, I do feel like I do too much sometimes, but if it is a good thing to do, and if my doing helps you,  then I sure as hell am willing to dive in.

Can I do it? Let's wait and see. Wish me luck!

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