I fell ill. BAM! Can my Body heal itself?

For the first time in maybe 6, 7 years now, I have fallen ill today. How God has held my body up that long I have no idea. I am typing this with my eyes sore, my body weakened, my skin blazing hot but I am in my studio. Trying not to overwork myself but still haven'
t taken no drugs.
I want to see if my body can heal itself over the course of today. 

It is now 7:00PM in Lagos Nigeria.

I am making this post because I said I would begin to blog every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
I also realize I would like to take a more personal approach with my blog like I did in the beginning when I started blogging. It feels very refreshing letting you come into my head.

For the past 10 days I have been posting the 200 DAYS OF EVA non stop on Youtube, sharing a video a day. I have found myself doing nothing else with my life in this time asides Editing, Creating, Editing. It sucks!
I didn't start the show thinking I was going to lose my entire life to it, I also did not put into consideration how much work it was going to be to post a video a day, at least for the first 33 Days.
Suby, a friend of mine who lives in the UK has said to me "Hey Eva, do it! Post a video every single day for 200 Days,"
I said to him, "No Suby, I can't possibly do that! I can do the first 33 days but not the entire 200."

But my words fell on deaf ears. Do it! He repeated into the earpiece and I found myself holding on to the phone imagining actually doing it. 

I don't know really. Look at me now, SICK! after 10 Days, This sucks. 

I am drinking lots of water, lying in bed and trying not to think so hard (no, right now, I am sitting at my desk typing this blog) and I am still undecided about taking any drugs. 

How do I feel?
It feels like Malaria. That whoozy body hot and cold feeling that you get when Malaria organizes herself in her system.
Hey! I am here, posting this blog, currently just Uploaded Episode 10  of the 200 DAYS OF EVA to my Youtube channel, and honestly, I am proud of myself.


I am going back to bed now. Excited to talk with you again on Friday. 

Soon, with Love,


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