Living in Your Life's Purpose

When you begin at something oftentimes your motivation or reason for doing it at all is what you hope to get off it, could be favors, material acquisition, money, whatever it is.
Although this may seem as a good reason at first, it never really is good enough to hold your interest for longer.
As time goes on you are going to begin to shift in your thinking and slowly move into a state where you are motivated by Love, by a new found addiction to service.
If you never find this within what you do, it becomes difficult to keep on doing what you do without getting tired, without feeling like you are wasting your life.

When people say "I dont know what I am doing with my life,"
A part of them is also saying "How is this helping?" "What is my purpose here?"
People go from simply doing things because they have to by imposition, or because of material gain, to realizing that there is much more to doing than simply doing. They begin to question the meaning of their lives, the importance of what they are doing and why it is necessary at all to even invest Time and Energy towards something.
At this point they begin their search for meaning, in everything.
This is one of the reasons that many people suddenly get frustrated at a job that they previously believed was bringing them security and they get up and quit.

The people who elevate in life by moving from Selfishness to Selflessness are those who, at some point or the other, come to the realization that Life is a chore and a bore when what they commit their Time to helps no one but themselves.
With this realization comes a burning desire to do better, to be better in this world.
They shift from wanting to Acquire to wanting to Inspire. They begin to question everything they do, asking "How is this helping?" Instead of "What am I getting?" - and this is easy to do because they now understand intuitively that Getting is only a by product of Helping, as the more they do and give to another, the more they get for themselves.

When you know why you have incarnated here on Earth, what you have come to do for others, and are willing to commit to doing that, living becomes something to look forward to everyday.
The very act of Service is one that is borne out of Love and to function in Love is to live from love. There is no frustration, stress, pain to be felt when you live from love.

Love is a Service. 

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