Can this Fitness App help you stay Committed to Your Goals? Let's Find out

I know what you are thinking, "Not another app!
I know I know!
These days there is an app for just about every single thing you can imagine. I have never been drawn to a fitness app despite the fact that I am always, always, always working out.
Did I say always?

If I hadn't run into Dovies, who is a fitness instructor and the creator of this App, I probably would not have downloaded a fitness app. I mean, do they work?
Well we are going to find out. (That is if I can follow my program)

It was just any other gym day for me when I met Dovies at the Gym where I work out in East Legon.
We were the only ones in working out in a private section of the gym and of course, the weirdness that is a conversation between two total strangers began.
He talked a lot about himself and his work as a trainer (would you believe, he is Adebayo's trainer!), and also told me about his new fitness app which had just launched on the Apple store. 

Seeing his body up close, of course I was interested! With a body like his, I am curious about what he does and how he does it. You have an app? Great!
So I got home, downloaded the app and was completely impressed with the design and content.
Very impressed in fact that I texted him later to say I was going to be following the app for 30 Days.
And that's exactly what I am doing.

    "How to be Happy - Do what You Say"

So here's day 1 of me following one of the Free Ab workouts on the App.
It is a 2 Minute video but I am sure you'll get a good idea of what the routines are like.

I hope to make progress reports on my results and maybe share more workouts from this app as I do them. If you'd like that, maybe it could motivate you on your fitness journey, then please leave a comment to let me know! Perhaps I might keep making these videos just for you. 😊
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