Spiritual Awakening? Let's start Here - The Consciousness Scale

I do not want you to read this thinking about Spiritual Awakening as presented in the media as this lofty, high leveled goal that only the highly spiritual can attain to. Think of it instead, for sake of simple clarity, as 'More Awareness'.

Understanding that All is Energy is the first step in the transcending of your Consciousness from a Lower state to a higher state.
You are right now in this present moment, Vibrating as Energy- the frequency at which you Vibrate at, is all dependent on how you are able to interpret, manipulate and work with Energy in this physical reality.

At every moment, you can tell how high or how low you are vibrating by how you feel.
Our "Feelings" are the clearest indicators of what is going on Vibrationally in our being.
Take a look at the following image which is the Consciousness Scale by David Hawkins, and try to place yourself on the Scale based on your present corresponding feeling/emotion.

Where are you on the Consciousness scale?
Try to match your present feelings in Life now to the closest emotion on the scale. Note where you are now Vibrating at and know that getting up the scale is what you are really after on a soul level.

I have personally gone up and down this scale several times in my Life and I am understanding more and more that this is a Life long learning process to remain balanced.

Your emotions will change from time to time but if you are serious about becoming a More Aware, more Alive, More Conscious being, then raising your Vibrational Frequency should be a major concern. 
Think of it this way.
What you really want is not a new car, or more money, or a Lover - what you want, what your Soul is asking for is a higher state of Consciousness.

At its simplest, you want to be feel better than you now feel. All of our wants and desires are tied to how we expect its acquisition to make us Feel.
On a much deeper level, this is only proof of our innate yearning for more Light, for more Awareness, for Higher consciousness.

The more you "need" to hold on to the seemingly solid material things, pleasures and desires, the lower you are Vibrating. 

When the Good book says "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God... and all will be added.." and then again "the Kingdom of God is within you.."
It speaks of the transcendence of Consciousness, from a lower to a higher state of being.
You already know how to live and vibrate higher. It is an inner knowing that you only are now tuned away from.

There are several things in this 3D reality that have been set in place to dumb us down Spiritually and keep us at a lower level of consciousness. Everything from the News, Media, Drugs, Processed Food, Music, Religion, Politics, Education- it has all been set up to keep you Unconscious.
When we say "Wake Up" , "Stay Woke" - we mean that literally.
It is time to stop sleep-walking on the Earth and realize that you are more than your physical eyes see. If you could see with your Spiritual Eye, you will see yourself in your true essence, not even quite as complete but you will get the idea that you are more than your body.
You are more than Society tells you that you are.

With some dedication in Meditative practices and the commitment to change, you will be able to bring yourself into harmony with all of Life.

In my Next Post I will share some simple practices that you can begin to incorporate in your daily living to slowly and definitely shoot right up the scale and feel more Alive. 
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